Monday, April 02, 2007

What a Week!

This is a busy week. First of all, it is Master's week. I ate lunch with a guy yesterday who got to spend 2 days there a couple of years ago. He said it is one of those places that you go to with high expectations -- and it still exceeds your expectations. And he's not really a golfer!

2nd, this is LTC weekend. Our kids from church have been studying the book of Acts since September in preparation for events this weekend. Many have also been involved in crafts, radio and any number of activities. Beverly and I will spend Friday night at the Hyatt-Airport, which is where LTC is bein held. We will be watching and encouraging our kids in their individual competitions. We will stay until after lunch on Saturday.

3rd, and greatest of all: Sunday is Easter. We will commemorate THE day of the greatest event in history -- the empty tomb. Let the skeptics continue with their chatter. They only make themselves look silly.

I was thinking yesterday about something. If I live to be 73, I will celebrate the 2,000th Easter (assuming the dating is accurate). It was once believed that Jesus was crucified in 33 AD. Then the dating was changed to 30 AD. Some are now saying it may have been 28 AD. In my calculations, I am going with 30 AD.



Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE EASTER!!! and I am glad I get to do the other stuff of the week with you! I love you!

Jeff said...

You mean you're not 73 already? Wow.

I'm looking forward to LTC. It's amazing to see all the kids do and be around so many people in that environment (other than trying to get to our rooms with the crowds).

randy said...

He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.