Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TV Commercials

Congratulatons to the Florida Gators. They are the only NCAA team in history to hold both the national football and basketball championship at the same time.

I know I am probably overreacting, but am I seeing an Achille's heel in the Mavs? Was Dwyane Wade right in saying that Dirk is not a leader? In the two head-to-head matches with the Suns in the last month, Dirk has been mediocre at best -- while Nash looks like Superman. This does not bode well for getting to the finals. I know that championships are not won in April, but is anyone else concerned?

Geico appears to have hit on an advertising stroke of genius. I got pretty tired of the gecko thing. But their caveman ads are interesting. And now there is talk of making this into a prime time television show.

Speaking of commercials, have you seen the one with the guy who is standing outside the company conference room dressed in loud golf clothes with a golf glove on his hand. He asks his boss if he can leave work to take care of his daughter. It's cute.

I also like the one for a hotel chain ( I can't remember for sure who). The boss tells an employee that he wants him to go to represent them at a conference because everyone likes him. He acts surprised. So the boss says, "OK, watch." He picks up a potted cactus and throws it at a fellow employee who is sitting at his computer. The guy jumps up angrily and yells, "Who did that?" Seeing that it is this "likeable" guy, he just says, "Oh, it's just ________. He's so funny." He then goes back to his computer -- with the cactus stuck to his back. It cracks me up.

Any favorites?


jross said...

I haven't seen some of those commercials. I wonder if some of them are regional.

The Jimmie Johnson / Elliot Sadler commercial is funny. The Allstate commercials with Kasey Kahne are funny too.

Anonymous said...

The commercial where the guy is flipping the light switch off and on trying to figure out what it powers and just down the street the garage door is banging up and down on some poor lady in her car.

Beverly Ross said...

Jody, no matter how many times I see that one, it makes me laugh out loud! I also love the ones with Peyton Manning! The Tiger ones are fun too!

Jeff said...

I'm not too worried about the Mavs. I've been under the impression they would fold in the playoffs.

I like the commercial with Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade where the lady asks Barkley if he is Wade's dad.

I like the Denny Hamlin commercials and always want to see the UPS guy race the truck.

Beverly Ross said...

Oh and I also like the ones about the calls being dropped - you know, where somebody says something and can't hear the other person's response and feels stupido. Like the almost son-in-law who calls his fiance's father Jimbo, then even starts singing but can't hear a reply - hilarious!