Monday, April 09, 2007

Thoughts on the Master and The Masters

Last week my thoughts were on the original resurrection week a lot. Each day I found myself asking, "What was Jesus doing right now?" "What were Jesus' apostles thinking right now?"

Well, it still hasn't stopped. This morning one of my 1st thoughts was, "What was it like for the apostles the day after resurrection day?" After seeing Jesus in the Upper Room on Sunday night, what was it like for them as they awoke Monday morning? Were they excited? Confused? Did they wonder if they they were just waking up from a dream?

I enjoyed watching The Masters this year. However, I think they have made the course too difficult. Part of the thrill of watching it is hearing those roars go up when someone sinks a birdie or eagle. There was a little of that yesterday, but it was absent Saturday. The Masters played like a U. S. Open. But I don't think that's what most people want from Augusta. It will be interesting to see if they correct that.

And the winner? Zach Johnson. A 31-year old fresh face. It was really neat to see the way he handled himself in the victory. Very gracious. Obviously a man of deep conviction and faith.


Jeff said...

I can't believe I missed the big golf show but I did hear Zack on the radio this morning and he sounds like a really neat guy. I'm glad he won.

randy said...

I was struck once again as I read the account of the death, burial and resurrection in John's gospel at the resthome yesterday by the amazing statement John makes this disciple saw and believed. Perhaps, the apostles were struck by profound believe in the divinity of the Lord.