Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Nelson

Tomorrow Beverly and I are going on a ministers' retreat. Actually, we are meeting Jacob and Heather at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament to spend the day together.

I find it sad that the Nelson has fallen so quickly. It used to be an elite event -- drawing a great field. Much of that was due to Mr. Nelson's influence. As recently as just a couple of years ago, they would get 7 or 8 of the top ten players. This year, they have 2: Phil Michelson and ViJay Singh. My respect for them has gone up as a result. In fact, Phil was also at Mr. Nelson's funeral in September.

I really would have expected more golfers to come this year out of tribute to Mr. Nelson. I am especially disappointed in Tiger Wood's failure to appear. He has often said how much Mr. Nelson meant to him in his early years -- encouraging him and guilding him to make right decisions about his career path.

Regardless of who is there, I plan on having a good time tomorrow (even with Jacob present).

Tomorrow night, we will pick up our granddaughter and head to Houston. Beverly will be on the program for Elderlink. I will spend time with my sons and their families. My grandson, Jed, is now walking and is so cute and so much fun!

I'll return to blog land next week!


jross said...

Have a great time! Please extend our love to your family.

Jeff said...

I'll call Jacob and give him several of my favorite lines to heckle the golfers when they are putting. I hear they really enjoy that kind of stuff.

I missed your blog yesterday but can't imagine myself buying a Honda or Toyota anytime soon.

Jonathan said...

is happy gilmore going to be there this year? if so, get me a ticket.

john, hope all is going well with you.