Thursday, April 05, 2007

In Another Place and Time

Winter has refused to retreat. The last two days have been really cool, and it is supposed to get cooler. Not a freeze -- but temperatures in the 30s this weekend. I had just put up all of my winter clothes last Saturday.

I have now entered the 21st century. Yes, I have TiVo -- and just in time! My first TiVo-ed show? The Masters. Yes, Beverly works late tonight. So, after I mow my in-laws yard this afternoon, I will settle in with TiVo and Augusta. Life gets better only in heaven:).

What a wonderful surprise to hear that Iran had released the British soldiers they were holding captive. I can't figure out what would have motivated them to do that -- but I am glad. Maybe that lunatic leader of theirs is trying to make some points globally.

Again, assuming the crucifixion year of 30 AD, 1,977 years ago tonight -- Jesus washed the feet of His apostles in the upper room. He instituted the Lord's Supper. He prayed in anguish in the Garden.

I wonder what He was doing at this time in the morning on that fateful day?


Jeff said...

I have a few other recommendation for TiVo and you can come mow my yard too since it's not far away from your first stop.

I wonder with you what this day would be like for Jesus. Peace and anguish colliding? Was he thinking about the pain soon to be endured or the joy of fulfilling God's plan? It's humbling to think about.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what points he was trying to make globally other than to reiterate that Iran is no closer to being considered a "real" government by true world powers.