Friday, February 02, 2007

What's With The Weather?

Once again, I woke up to a surprise this morning. A couple of inches of snow. As I was praying earlier, I thanked God for its beauty. I'm waiting for our youth minister to get in so we can have a snowball fight. Right now, I just keep glancing out my office window -- enjoying the scene.

The reserves for the NBA all-star game were announced yesterday. Dirk Nowitzki was named (how could he not have been voted on?) But Josh Howard was overlooked. Three Phoenix Suns were named to the reserves. I personally think the league is punishing the Mavericks for their owner's past brashness. He has toned down the rhetoric this year. Oh, well -- the all-star games are ridiculous anyway. Fans should be allowed one vote -- period. How can you judge who is an all-star when people can stuff the ballot? (I feel the same about American Idol). What reallly matters is that the Mavs maintain their NBA-best record.

I think I'll go build a snowman.


Kyle R. said...

I agree that the democracy is a bit skewed when anyone can vote as many times as he or she wants to. Maybe we need to form an electoral college for the all-star games and American Idol.:) Yeah... that's it: no American Idols until the contestant has secured 270 electoral votes. Works for the presidency...most of the time. Al Gore would probably disagree.

You have to wait on Jacob for a snowball fight? Just challenge Joy or Shirley.:)

Josh Ross said...

I hear yah. Voting for starters is a little skewed. However, being that only coaches vote for the reserves, you would think that they would have voted differently.
Howard will end up making the team because neither Yao nor Boozer will be playing.

Anonymous said...

Yes the snow is lovely, but trying to get to work is not. In the 3 bad wether days we have had (counting today) I have clocked in 9 hours of drive time to get to my office in Dallas. Thank you God for testing my patience as it will help me in future endeavors. I write this with cramps in my fingers as result of my earlier grip on the steering wheel.

As it relates to all-star games, what a waste of time. Just get on with the season and onto the playoffs - which start in May and end in September as I recall. Anthing to milk out another dollar. I will sign off - now that I have run out of cynicism. Mark Short

Jeff said...

Josh should have been on the team. Of course, the biggest mistake is not having Carmelo there. What's an All-Star game without the all-star fighters.