Thursday, February 01, 2007

Marriage Retreat

Next weekend Beverly and I will be sharing some new material at our church's marriage retreat. We are convinced that one of the most effective ways in which Satan is currently attacking the church is by breaking down marriages. There are so many fronts he is attacking us from.

He is confusing us in the defining of roles. I don't mean by that the old "tradition" of the man being "boss" and the woman being subserviant. I mean the whole demasculization of males in our culture and the radical feminist movement.

He is breaking down the family by keeping us so busy. Both husband and wife working. Kids have something going every night of the week. No time for the building of relationships.

He is doing it through pornography. God intended for us to have eyes only for our spouses. But today, a person can rent a movie, or have movies piped right into their living rooms. And of course, there is the internet. All done in the privacy of one's own home. More addictive than crack cocaine.

Beverly and I have committed ourselves to taking Satan on in this area. We can't wait to spend time with the couples who have signed up to be a part of this special weekend. Together, working in community, we can establish a beachhead to take on the Evil One.

God wants to bless us so much through our marriages. But, like anything of value in this life, it takes being intentional.


jenny biz said...

I know you and Mom will be a blessing to those couples!

Kyle R. said...

We're looking forward to next weekend and know that what you and Beverly share with us will be of tremendous value.

Shelly, as ususal, has done an exceptional job of arranging the food and accomodations.

Can't wait to see how God is going to work through this retreat.

P.S. I made a quite lengthy post yesterday concerning Chritians and atheists only to have it lost somewhere in cyberspace as I tried to publish. Oh well. Maybe this one will make it's landing.:)