Monday, February 05, 2007


The Colts are the champs! The monkey is off of Payton Manning's back! Good for him.

I was so proud of what I saw in the post-game comments. No crowing or strutting. Tony Dungy was asked how it felt to be the 1st black head coach to win the Super Bowl. He said he was glad for what it meant for African-American people. But he then said that he is more proud that he and the Bear's head coach, Lovie Smith, showed that you can be a Christian -- and win the big game while living like Christ.

I loved the story that was told about Dungy during the game. He tells his players on the 1st day of practice -- in a normal-level speaking voice -- that he is speaking as loud as he ever will, so they need to listen. The announcers then said that he NEVER cusses, except for one time. He was discussing his calendar, and told someone he was scheduled to appear on "The Best D___ Sports Show." The person said, "Tony, did you just hear what you did? You just said d___." Dungy said, "Yes I did. But it will be the last time."

Between Dungy and Smith, I would say the score after this Super Bowl is Christ-followers -- 2, Satan -- 0.


Liz Moore said...

I too loved Tony Dungy's comment after the game. What a class act. And I agree... Christ followers 2, Satan 0. I pray that more coaches will learn from these two incredible men.

Art H said...

A good day for live out loud Christians as Aaron Baddeley won the golf tourney also

Beverly Ross said...

I am such a Dungy fan! What a fun game! What a great witness for the Lord!

Rick Ross said...

Hey Art! Call me some time and let's go play golf!

randy said...

Seems strange that the Christian coach is pictured as an anomoly - well outside the norm. Perhaps, Christians have always been the exception rather than the rule and to expect anything else is counter-cultural.