Monday, February 12, 2007

Great Retreat

We had a rewarding time together at the couples' retreat. I love hanging out with God's people. We laughed and joked and cried and shared. Good stuff.

My bride never ceases to amaze me. She is so spiritually discerning -- and so smart! I could have easily sat back and listened to her all weekend. Mark me down as an admiring fan.

Other than hearing her share, I think the most powerful part of the weekend for me may have been the movie clip from the end of "The Story of Us." I have seen it so many times, but I think I get more emotional each time.

Thanks again to Shelly and Kyle Reeves for pulling the weekend off. And thanks to my partner in ministry and friend, Jacob Baker, for leading us in worship.

It's a little after 9, and I am sitting here wondering if I want to go play golf in the drizzle this afternoon. It looks like the only day this week that might work. If I don't do that, I will probably go home and work on income tax. Hmmmm. Golf or income tax. That makes for a tough decision.


Dennis said...

Wasn't the retreat great. Thanks to all of you, Rick, Beverly, Kyle, Shelly, Jacob and Heather. You did a wonderful job. I can't wait till next year! That pre-dawn(8:30AM) start time on Saturday has got to change though.....

Jeff said...

My dad always said it didn't rain on the golf course. If that was true, it seems like an easy decision!

Kyle R. said...

It was a fantastic weekend.

My thanks to everyone who attended, and especially to Shelly, Rick, Beverly, Jacob, and Heather. Y'all are awesome.



You can have an exemption to the 8:30am start next year, but Beverly will require you to put in some makeup work for missing.:)


Golf or taxes? I don't care if it's raining and I don't even like golf. That one's a no brainer. Besides you've still got over a couple of months to procrastinate. Or you can be like my CPA who seems to file an extension every year.

randy said...

The retreat was wonderful. Frankly, I was so emotionally exhausted that I am just starting to recover. However, the best parts were your insistence that we truly practice the word of God in our marriages and Beverly's insistence that her counsel be in accordance with dictates of God. Woe to us if we separate our religion from our marriages and blessings on us if we let Jesus permeate every aspect of our lives.

Thanks to Kyle and Shelly, Rick and Beverly, and Jacob and Heather.