Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hungering and Thirsting

In our Wednesday men's class, we are talking through the Beatitudes. Last night was "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." I was really encouraged as I listened to so many of our men share what that means to them in their daily walk.

Major points I came away with were:
1. Jesus knows that we all hunger and thirst to fill the emptiness that God has placed within us. It is an emptiness that only HE can fill, though.
2. When we are famished, we sometimes grab whatever is close to us and gorge ourselves -- but if it's junk, it never satisfies. In fact, it might be bad for us.
3. I can hunger and thirst for righteousness, and be filled today. But I will still be hungry and thirsty again tomorrow.
4. Even though we KNOW that the food and drink that Jesus offers us is what is best, we still find ourselves eating and drinking from the false fountains that are all around us. They never satisfy, but we find ourselves returning again and again.

If I think of other major points, I will update later. Or, if you were in the class you might want to add to my list.


Jeff said...

Too often Satan has convinced me to hunger and thirst for self. I pray my hunger and thirst will always be for righteousness.

Kyle R. said...

We didn't get to the passage last night, but Jesus says toward the end of John 4, "My food is to do the will [of the Father.]" Jesus as a human was so in tune with His heavenly father that He knew the source for true spiritual nourishment-- trusting and obeying God.

Oh, if I could only get that through my thick skull (or more appropriately, through my calloused heart) more than I do.

Let's see... I sometimes find myself wanting my food to be work, family, recreation, stuff, even church activities... all generally pretty good things, but never able to quench or fully satisfy.

There's only One that has the ability to do that. And when my righteous thirst is quenched and my holy hunger is satisfied by Him, all the other is gravy (or maybe chocolate syrup) depending on how you prefer it.:)