Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Musings

Beverly and Malaya and I went to see Beverly's parents this weekend. We had a wonderful visit. Jennifer (our daughter-in-law) came up and brought Jed, so we got to spend time with our two grandkids. It was special.

Beverly's parents are hopeful that they will have a contract on their house any day. They have a serious prospect. If so, they will be moving here to Decatur within a few weeks. That would be such a blessing to us -- having them closer so that we can see after them. Please join us in praying for that.

I'm not sure how my blog has suddenly become the ESPN of NASCAR. I feel like I have been infiltrated by gremlins. Hey, guys, blogging space is free.:) Rumor is that they had a race yesterday and burned up who knows how many thousands of wasteful gallons of fuel. I wonder if that's why the prices at the pump went up about a nickel yesterday.

Last Monday I passed on golf because it was raining -- but then to my surprise it became a beautiful day. I was thinking about passing today because the wind is supposed to be gusting to 40 mph, but I haven't played in two weeks. So, I think I will go visit the greens this afternoon.

Good Morning America is obsessed right now with the Oscars. Does anyone really care (kind of like NASCAR)? I can't remember the last time I watched even a minute of the Oscars.


Jeff said...

It was an incredible race yesterday. I saw the first 10 laps and the last 3 and that pretty much told the story. The 20 car was knocked out early by one of the devilish Busch boys so it became a non-event for me other than seeing the last second race to the finish line.

Did you mention golf? Isn't that where you chase that silly little ball around trying to knock it in a hole and when you do, you just pull it out and start hitting it again?

Good luck today. I'm always hoping to hear about a hole-in-one.

jross said...

Did anyone hear that choking sound yesterday afternoon? The Pentagon was set on high alert. But after an extensive investigation it turns out that the sound was coming from Phil Mickelson.

randy said...

Only six more weeks until Spring turkey season opens. Y'all will want to pattern your shotguns and sight in the little rifles.