Friday, February 16, 2007

Mavs See-Saw

We went to dinner last night at the home of some folks from church. After dinner, we caught the half-time score of the Mavs' game -- and they were down by 7. We watched a few minutes of the 3rd quarter, which looked more like the 3 stooges than an NBA game.

A few minutes later we got in the car to leave, and I turned on the radio. Mavs up by 3! I listened for a couple of minutes, and they lost the lead and even fell behind.

Fifteen minutes later, I got home and turned on the TV. Mavs were ahead. I watched for a few minutes and they fell behind (do you see a trend developing here?) Beverly told me to stop watching. But I hung with them, and they pulled another game out.

This team is so deep I think they know that if they can stay close into the 4th quarter, no one can stay with them because they are worn down.

After lunch today, Beverly and I are going to pick up our granddaughter from school and head for east Texas. We will spend tonight and tomorrow with Beverly's parents. Please continue to keep her dad in your prayers. Also, pray that their house will sell soon.

Have a good weekend!


Josh Ross said...

Dad, nearly every basketball game goes like that. It is a game of runs. It isn't like your favorite sport where 1 guy takes the lead and keeps the lead for 4 days while everyone else plays for 2nd place. (By the way, I am talking about Tiger, not Duval.)

I watched the game last night from Row 20, Seat 7. It was awesome!

Rick Ross said...

I was looking for you and Jonathan and Jen (really Jed).

I realize basketball is a game of runs. But you have to admit, the Mavs looked really sloppy there for a while.

Jeff said...

Mavs schmavs. NASCAR goes full throttle on Sunday.

Josh Ross said...


jross said...

Jeff - Now we're talking! Josh, I am assuming your comment is "tongue in cheek", but if not - welcome to the NASCAR family!

Go 48!

Josh Ross said...

Tongue in cheek all the way!!!

Jeff said...

No "tounge in cheek" here and we're certainly not new to NASCAR nation. My wife likes the 48 car but I cheer for the champion of champions - Tony Stewart.