Thursday, February 08, 2007


Last week my oldest son, Josh, sent me a quote from Jim Cymbala. He said:

"One day I told the Lord that I would rather die than merely tread water throughout my career in the ministry...always preaching about the power of the Word and the Spirit, but never seeing it. I abhorred the thought of just having more church services. I hungered for God to break through in our lives and ministry."

I have thought a lot about that over the last week. One of my New Year's resolutions was to have more passion about life and my ministry. And has the Lord ever answered my heart-cry. Anyone who was in the men's class last night will know what I am referring to. Wow! Is the Lord ever giving me incredible opportunities to minister! And I am loving it!

Beverly and I thank Him every day for directing us to Decatur, Texas. It don't get no better than this.


Cowboy nation: Are you excited to learn that Wade Phillips will be the next coach? Wow. Looks like more of the same. As long as we have Jerry Jones as an owner and the stadium is full, we Cowboy fans are destined to mediocrity.


jross said...

God is so good! I hope the excerpt speaks for everyone in the ministry. Though I've never said it as well as the author, it's certainly been my desire.
Concerning the Cowboys. I was hoping Jones would have a little more vision. However, I'm grateful he didn't choose Turner. Instead he chose the other unsuccessful former head coach.

Kyle R. said...

Last night was a moving experience for me. It's awesome to see God working in our lives and may the Lord bless us with more.
Cowboys: Jeff was right. J.J. apparently has another puppet head coach.
Next time there probably won't be a head coach search, Jones will just assume the postion:owner, general manager, head coach.

jross, right on: no vision

From what I've seen of Wade P.: No passion. Head coaches need passion.

Owners need vision, not just visions of dollar signs and publicity.

Jeff said...

It was a great signing. Phillips is just what the Cowboys need.

Think about it this way. If we get a head coach who leads us to Super Bowls, we will get happy and complacent like we did when Jimmy was here. Jerry acted quickly to bring in Switzer and kept us from being ho-hum fans. ESPN is full of Cowboys talk today. Jerry is a genius. Talk about vision...the man knows how to keep the Cowboys in the spotlight. Jimmy, Switzer, a coke head QB, Parcells, TO and now Phillips. We can't quit talking about the 'Boys.