Friday, September 22, 2006

What's On Your TV?

A couple of weeks ago when Beverly was out of town for the weekend on the Decatur Church's ladies retreat, I went to Blockbuster and rented a DVD of the 4th season of "24". I thought I was getting the 1st season. Anyway, I had read somewhere how good a show it was, so I decided to give it a shot. Well, I got hooked. Then Beverly came home, and I said, "You've got to watch this." Then she got hooked. When she finished the 1st DVD, she said, "Go get the other one!" I said, "We'll be up 'til 2 AM watching it." So, we waited.

Last night, we finished season 4. Now we want to go back and see the other seasons. However, Beverly said, "Let's wait a while. I've got to get some rest!" In case you weren't aware, she is pretty hyper. And shows like that make her even more so.

It's funny. We have DISH, and yet we seldom watch TV. There are few series we watch each week. We like Monk and Psych (USA), but they have real short seasons that begin in September, January and May. So, there is a lot of in between seasons with them. And we kind of watch American Idol, while we multitask. I usually do some reading while it's on. My favorite episodes are the early-in-the-season shows where they show the really bad singers.

It seems that we don't get onto a series until it's on reruns on TNT or USA. For instance, one night when she was working late, I decided to try "Without a Trace" (on TNT reruns). Wow! It was good, too.

I hear a lot about certain shows, but I've never seen them. We have a group from church who get together each week to watch "Lost." But I haven't got a clue about that show.

So, what's worth watching on the tube these days?


The Ryder Cup began this morning. The Europeans are trying to give the US more incentive to win. Maybe you heard about the Irish tabloids publishing indecent pictures of Tiger Woods' wife (computer generated). He is furious -- threatening to sue. Then there is Sergio Garcia mouthing about how he is not intimidated by Tiger. Interesting. Every time he is paired with Tiger, he goes into meltdown.

The tradition since the inception of the Ryder Cup is that each team takes a group picture before the matches begin -- holding the cup. Yesterday, the Europeans did not provide the cup for the Americans to hold in their group picture. A little gamesmanship. I just hope our guys respond. They've been pretty embarrassed the last few times.


Kyle R. said...

I always make sure I never miss "The Lawrence Welk Show!"

Kyle R. said...

Just kidding!

I remember my mom watching The Lawrence Welk Show when I was a kid in the 70's. I was flipping the channels the other day and I saw it was on. I took a peek for a few brief minutes and got a chuckle with the wardrobes and hairdos and had enough. No offense to those Lawrence Welk fans.

Seriously... I'm still a fan of "ER". I think I've seen every episode since it began, I think in 1994. In my opinion, this show's writers are second to none and it's pretty realistic in most aspects.

Liz Moore said...

Beverly told me y'all had found 24! It is the absolute best show on TV! We have been watching it since episode one and never miss it. Lost is good too, but if you didn't see it from the beginning it's hard to follow. We also love House, Criminal Minds and all of the CSI shows. We have recently gotten hooked on Grey's Anatomy. We really Don't sit it front of the TV every night! :) We have dish also so we record everything to the dvr and usually watch it one night all at once!

Melanie said...

We watch 24 but only one season at a time on DVD and only on a weekend we don't really have anything going on since we can't tear ourselves away from the TV! We also really like Cold Case.

Jeff said...

I have the baseball package so I can see games around the league. There's a few (non)reality shows I've watched and I usually catch Boston Legal.

I'm familiar with Nextel Cup where athletes battle through heat, speed and bone-jarring poundings but I'm not familiar with Ryder Cup. Is that one of those games where people hit that silly little ball on the grass over and over?