Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back From ACU

Just returned yesterday from the ACU lectures. We intended to stay for more of them, but got a call Monday night that Beverly's dad would have a procedure on Tuesday that was very serious. So, we left early Tuesday to try to get her back to Tyler. But about halfway home, we got a call that all had gone well. So, Beverly dropped me off in Decatur and she headed on to Tyler. Hopefully, she will come home today, and her dad will go home tomorrow. Thanks to all for your prayers.

It was nice having the lectures in September. I always love going back to Abilene and seeing some of my favorite people in the world.


I have a calendar called, "Amazing But True Golf Facts." Yesterday's was cool. It reads, "If you're looking for a good guy to root for on the PGA Tour, you couldn't do much better than Kenny Perry, who still lives in his hometown of Franklin, Kentucky. For years, he's taken every September off to coach the boys' and girls' golf teams at Simpson High School. His ball mark is a coin with an angel on it, and he never travels anywhere without his Bible."

This calendar is a secular one, so I found the comments interesting. Kenny Perry is a deacon in the Franklin Church of Christ. He donates 5% of his earnings to the David Lipscomb University golf team. Over the last few years, that would be in the neighborhood of $250,000-300,000 a year.

He was in the top ten in the world last year. Unfortunately, an off-season knee operation has reallly slowed him down this year.


Speaking of golf: Set your VCRs or TIVOs this week. RYDER CUP, baby! Friday through Sunday. I think I feel a three-day bug about to hit Friday morning.


Josh Ross said...

You did an amazing job. Wouldn't have missed it for anything.

jenny biz said...

So glad your talk went well. I knew you would do great!
I can't wait to TIVO the Ryder Cup! Sitting on pins and needles...
(Full of sarcasm:):):) Love ya'!