Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Special People

I've just come from the hospital. Jerry Nicholas is having a series of stress tests today. Jerry has become one of my heroes. He is battling cancer, and has been dealing with the difficulty of chemo treatments for about a year. Sunday right after worship, it appears as if he might have had a heart attack. I have visited him several times since Sunday, and never heard a word of complaining. He and his wife, Anna, have dealt with blow after blow in the year and a half I have known them. Any one of the blows would have devastated many. But they just keep on going -- and enjoying life as it unfolds for them.

Back in May, while in the midst of chemo, etc. -- Jerry (who also has a prosthetic leg) played in our church golf tournament. He came within about an inch of a hole in one, thus obviously winning our closest-to-the-hole prize.

Pray for Jerry and Anna.

Last night, Beverly and I went to Jacob and Heather Baker's for supper. We had a wonderful meal with them. It is an incredible blessing to work with such a couple in ministy. When we left last night, Beverly said, "They are such an easy couple." And they are. I am thankful to be able to come to the office each day and share time with Jacob. Yesterday afternoon he and I went out and played golf. It was a wonderful day. The temperature was just right. The golf course was beautiful. And the company was ideal.

I count my blessings today to have such people as the Nicholases and Bakers in my life.


Beverly Ross said...

I TOTALLY agree! I love our new friends! What blessings the Lord has given us!

Heather said...

You are both too sweet. We are doubly blessed to have such Christ-like servants to minister with. Thanks for loving us. We love you!

anna said...

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? First time blogger here hope this takes. Have you ever seen the the old joke where one guy holds the door open for some other guy while saying after you, and the other guy says no after you? Well that's how we feel about you and Beverly. We are blessed! We so love listening to you both. And what kept Jerry (later to be decided if it is a bad thing) stuck to his seat was his desire to hear you teach the word. We have both learned so much from you and Beverly and we LOVE to come to Church. After I miss for whatever reason I must feel like my skinny friends when they excersise I need it. Thank you both for lifting us up in prayers tonight in class. We have been so blessed we so many wonderful new family members praying for us that we don't ever want them to stop. OK OK this format may be OK but it is not very personal. So I will tell you both next time that I see you both (and I hope that's not too far away) that we both love ya'll and know we are truly blessed. Not to be last but we love Jacob and Heather too!