Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just Stuff

Another week on the PGA tour, and another TIger win. I read that this year he is averaging $2,500 per shot! What a tough way to make a living. That sounds funny. The guy makes about $80 million a year!

Early prognosticators said this would be a violent hurricane season. So far, it has been a whimper -- thank the Lord. I realize we still have a while left in hurricane season. But let's hope the trend continues.

Yesterday was so nice here! It rained all day. Not heavy (we only got about an inch at my house). But is was steady from morning until evening. And the temperatures for the last few days have been incredible!

I was saddened to hear about Steve Irwin's death. I started watching "the crocodile hunter" when Jonathan was still home. At first I thought, "This guy is a nut!" But he really was a contagious personality. Jonathan was stung by a stingray on his foot when he and Jennifer were on their honeymoon. He got so sick that Jennifer thought she might be a widow after only a few days of marriage. But Irwin's sting was to his heart. So sad.

Question of the day: Will the Longhorns beat the Buckeyes on Saturday?


Josh Ross said...

The Croc's death was a tragedy. Very sad.
Tiger is amazing.

If I'm forced to, I'd have to put my money on Ohio State. The loss of UT's preseason all-american cornerback yesterday due to possession of weed will hurt.
UT's QB was average last Saturday. He did what he was asked to do. His best throw was his first td. It was very nice. After that, you have to love it as a qb when you can throw a 5 yd stop route, and your wr makes a few moves and breaks a few tackles and goes 40 yards for a td. Plays like that makes your stats look a lot better.

If Texas keeps Ohio State under 25 points, they have a good chance of winning. If not, they don't have a chance.

Rick Ross said...


I got to thinking about it. Maybe it was you who 1st got me to watching "The Crocodile Hunter."

Jeff said...

I've got to pick Texas because I've always been a Longhorn fan. I think it will be a battle. McCoy's young and this will be a test for him but he's a sharp kid and surrounded by talent. The defense can take a few more hits (pun intended) and still be OK because they are so deep. I think it comes down to Jamaal Charles and the running game. If he can take the ball upfield, it will give McCoy time to throw.

Sidenote: I watched the 1st quarter of the UT/UNT game and they mentioned that McCoy's and Shipley's fathers were roomies at ACU.

Josh Ross said...

It was me! I always get overlooked in this family.
The deprived middle child,
Josh Ross

Liz Moore said...

Steve Irwin's death was a tragedy. He had an incredible gift. He will be missed. Poor Josh... you can tell just how deprived he was as the middle child. He must have missed out on so much :) Just kidding Josh! You know I love ya!