Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Tidbits

I love our mens' class on Wednesday night. It's great to hear men -- young and old(er) share their struggles, dreams and convictions. The sincerity of these guys is so obvious. It really does make for a lift each week.


I plan to attempt to attend Byron Nelson's funeral tomorrow. I won't be surprised if I get there and can't get in. The auditorium holds 2200, and the remote feed to the gym holds another 1900. I wonder where everyone will park?

For an excellent article about Byron, go to and read what Grant Boone (a member of the Church of Christ) wrote. It will give you goosebumps.


Every Thursday morning, I go to Governor's Ridge, a retirement center here in Decatur. I get to spend 45 minutes or so with some of the sweetest people ever. All ladies, except for Bill Dwyer. What an incredible man! He was a highly decorated soldier in WW2, and is such a kind man. It is a real treat to go out there.


Our daughter-in-law, Kayci, is doing well. Said the baby is the size of a raisin. By next week will be the size of a strawberry. Josh is already claiming that the baby looks like him.

When Kayci was talking to our granddaughter, Malaya (my daughter's 6 year old), she asked what Malaya wanted. Malaya said, “I hope it's a girl. I'm tired of these stinkin’ boys!”


So, T. O. won't be a distraction for the Cowboys? Sure.


Jeff said...

I missed being in class but had the joy of participating with kids in LTC preparation. We have some amazing children in our midst.

I find it ironic that Byron Nelson and TO are both getting so much airtime right now. A study in contrasts.

Rick Ross said...


I could not agree more. Last night, I watched the channel 8 news. 12 minutes of the lead story was about T. O. After the initial announcement of the facts, then it was this person and that giving their opinions. At the end of the 12 minutes, they said, "Stay tuned for more breaking details." Details of what?

For Byron, one of the most decent celebrities who ever lived -- about 15 seconds.

Absolutely a study of contrasts. But I hate that the attention goes to the less-deserving one.

jross said...

Byron Nelson was in a class by himself! God bless his legacy.

Concerning Terrell Owens. I feel somewhat like Josh defending Lumpy (oops, Barry). I know I'm in the minority here - but I must say it:

I am not a T.O. fan. I recognize his talent and hope he helps the Cowboys. Granted, I don't live in the metroplex and hear the local buzz - but believe me - I hear plenty about T.O.

My opinion it this - the guy can't jaywalk or stub his toe without it being another "there goes T.O. again." He was injured in training camp (along with dozens of other players), but the media focused on him. Nobody really thinks he tried to commit suicide - most people I've heard has said he had a reaction to the medication. So, because he's T.O. he shouldn't seek help because of the media blitz?

I will jump off the T.O. bandwagon immediately if he does something to hurt the Cowboys - but honestly, he hasn't done anything yet (except drop the simple touchdown pass against the Redskins).

Rick Ross said...


Your optimism about T. O.'s "conversion" is to be commended. Still, my point goes along with what you said. Bringing him in to Dallas -- with all the media hype -- was a distraction that this team did not need.