Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Five Years Ago Today

Today is my oldest son, Josh's, birthday. Hard to believe he is 26. I am so proud of him. The degree he recently earned was quite an achievement. I feel like a dummy when we talk theology -- like a 1st grader talking with an expert. But not because of anything he does to make me feel that way. He is so humble -- about most things. Just kidding. He is a spiritually humble and compassionate man. Every Sunday morning, I can count on a phone call from him at about 8:30 to tell me that he is praying for his dad.

His 21st birthday was extra-special. It was the day after 9-11. Beverly and I were living in Forney at that time, and he and his girlfriend had come for a visit. Why they were there on September 12 (a Wednesday) when school was going on, I don't know. I'm sure that he never cut a class. But anyway, he and Kayci left for a while -- supposedly to go to a concert, if I remember right. A little while later, they came back to the house. Kayci had a ring! They were engaged! And we were so happy. So, last night when we were talking, Josh said, "Tomorrow is a special day for you and mom and me. For 26 years, I have brought joy into your life." I said, "Yes, most of the time. But especially 5 years ago -- when you brought Kayci Joy into our lives."

Happy Birthday, Buddy. You have given me so many good memories that I could never even begin to recount them here. I am really anticipating next May. That baby will be one lucky child.


Beverly Ross said...

Happy, happy birthday, Josh!

randy said...

May you and your family continue to bless those around for generations to come.

Liz Moore said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! Your dad is right... your baby will be one lucky (or shall I say blessed!) child to have you and Kayci as parents.