Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reflections from Wednesday

Beverly and I received exciting news yesterday. And since she has been shouting it from the rooftops (even wrote a blog -- her 3rd this week!), probably all of you know by now. But I still want to say it. Our third grandbaby is on the way! That's right! My favorite oldest son and my favorite oldest daughter-in-law are going to have a baby! Due date: May 5th. My thought right now is this: Bless Kayci's heart. She will be raising two kids (just kidding, favorite oldest son).

Our 1st men's class went really well last night. We are using Being God's Man in the Face of Temptation as a guide for our studies. The book identifies 8 temptations that men face, and shows how James addresses these 8 issues. The men last night really interacted well, and I was glad to see a number of grayer heads in there. I look forward to them sharing from their life experiences so that maybe others can learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes.

Speaking of grayer heads, Ray Foster told me something funny the other day. He said there are three stages in life: young, middle-aged and "You're looking good."

On a similar thought: On Thursday mornings, I go out to Governor's Ridge (an assisted care facility here in Decatur) and lead a Bible study. At about 9:45, I will tell Joy, our secretary, " I'm going to the nursing home." Jacob (the youth minister that I bragged about yesterday) will say, "I'll come visit you" -- or some other smart-aleck response. I'm gonna have to slap that boy.


jenny biz said...

Tell Jacob just to make sure he comes to visit you BEFORE 8:00 b/c after that you are OUT for the night!:):)

Rick Ross said...


jross said...

Congrats Josh and Kayci. You will be great parents.

Liz Moore said...

I've already told everyone else in your family, but congratulations to you too and Josh & Kayci!! They will be awesome parents! What a great new blessing!

Beverly Ross said...

You are lookin' good, honey-baby-sugarpie!!!!