Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Jessica Simpson Sighting?

My friend and fellow minister Tim Pyles tells a funny story that happened to him recently.  It seems that he went to Whataburger and ordered a Whatachicken sandwich.  

The girl running the register turned to the person next to her and asked, "Is the Whatachicken the fish?"  The other employee said, "No, that is the Whatacatch."

The girl then said, "Oh.  I always get those mixed up."

I wonder if that girl was Jessica Simpson? 

I really wish President Obama the best as he travels to Egypt to address the Islamic world.  As I read this morning, I would hate to be in his place.  Islam does not want to compromise with any nation that is not Islam, because they consider that a "come-down."  If Obama brings up that his father was Moslem, then he is considered the worst of the worst because he left his Moslem faith to become a Christian.

How do you deal with the unreasonable?  This is definitely going to be VERY interesting in coming years.  And I am afraid that we in the Western World are clueless.


Jeff said...

There are some who will never understand truth but remain locked in their thoughts and their condition. It has happened through time and I'm afraid will only end when time ends. It's a question that baffles me constantly.

Jonathan said...

great thought...i wish him the best as well.