Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worship, 2

Sorry, but I just have to share Tozer again today, as a follow up to yesterday.  He wrote back in the 50s and 60s, but what he had to say seems prophetic to today.

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, 
they have done abominable works, there is none who does good. 
--Psalm 14:1

Now we were made to worship, but the Scriptures tell us something else again. They tell us that man fell and kept not his first estate; that he forfeited the original glory of God and failed to fulfill the creative purpose, so that he is not worshiping now in the way that God meant him to worship. All else fulfills its design; flowers are still fragrant and lilies are still beautiful and the bees still search for nectar amongst the flowers; the birds still sing with their thousand-voice choir on a summer's day, and the sun and the moon and the stars all move on their rounds doing the will of God.

And from what we can learn from the Scriptures we believe that the seraphim and cherubim and powers and dominions are still fulfilling their design--worshiping God who created them and breathed into them the breath of life. Man alone sulks in his cave.  Man alone, with all of his brilliant intelligence, with all of his amazing, indescribable and wonderful equipment, still sulks in his cave. He is either silent, or if he opens his mouth at all, it is to boast and threaten and curse; or it's nervous ill-considered laughter, or it's humor become big business, or it's songs without joy. Worship: The Missing Jewel, 6-7.


Kyle R. said...

I mostly agree with what Tozer is saying, but I'm not sure about the assertion that all of creation is still fulfilling God's creative purpose or that the powers and dominions are still fulfilling their design. Afterall, we know that Satan and his powers have rebelled and that the curse on Adam is still being felt in all too painful of ways, perhaps ways in which we do not comprehend.

It seems to me as I read the Scriptures that when sin and rebellion appeared, it potentially infected all of creation. I'm not sure, from our finite vantage point, that we can know if all of creation is working as designed. Only God knows that. Some radical changes have occured since Genesis 3. There is language in Scripture about redemption and making new all creation. Now, does that mean our pets are redeemed? Or that pesky mosquito is reconciled? I have no idea.

The point of what we're talking about is worship-- worship in all things and at all times-- and yes, it appears that humanity fall the shortest when it come to purpose and design. I look forward to the day when I completely understand and participate in what real worship is.

... just thinking out loud.

Thanks for getting us thinking.

Jeff said...

The pesky mosquito is not reconciled. No way.

Great comments. I appreciate Tozer's writing and how he brings so many good things to us to chew on and mentally wrestle with.