Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Journeying with God

Today I complete my journey through David Nasser's A Call to Die. Some of the days have been elementary, but there have been other days that have been very spiritually challenging and stimulating. It is amazing how many days I would be praying in the morning about something, and then get to my study and find it is right in line with that.

Example: Yesterday morning, I prayed this: "Lord, today let me taste every word before I say it. Let my lips honor You today." I got to my study, opened Nassar, and the lesson was entitled "Watch Your Words!"

The last couple of months have been really stimulating for me spiritually. And this is where pride comes in. Nassar challenged me a couple of days ago to examine a relationship problem. I felt convicted about it. I REALLY want to do the right thing and be pleasing to God. So yesterday I took the step to do that -- and it ended in disaster. I went into meltdown, and felt like my three steps forward over the last few weeks had resulted in four steps back.

Still, God is good and Satan is a liar. I refuse to listen to him -- regardless of who he is using to speak to me. Through Jesus Christ, I am victorious. Praise the Lord!

I know this probably makes no sense to you, but I still needed to journal it. Blessings.


Jeff said...

The journey can be so inspiring, so uplifting and so confusing at the same time. Just when I think I am getting lined up in God's will, something goes askew and I wonder what happened. Through it all, I know the ultimate victory is still ahead of me and that is what I want to fix my eyes on.

I'm sorry things didn't work for you yesterday but I know you have your eyes fixed on the ultimate reward.

Beverly Ross said...

I am so hurting for you today. I just absolutely hate it. Please know I am praying for you. May the Lord fill you with His precious presence and reassurance.

randy said...

Ultimately, it doesn't depend upon me or you. Taking the step is trusting God - and trusting Him is not failure.