Monday, June 15, 2009

Luke is Doing His Number on Me

Walking with God is the ultimate.  I love that, even if I live to be 110, I won't be finished.  Every day is a new challenge.  Just about the time I get to where I think I'm getting it together, God humbles me with a reminder of Jesus.

I am preaching through the Gospel of Luke on Sunday mornings.  I really intended for this to go for about a year.  Well, I started last September, and I am now in chapter 12.  And I'm just now really getting to the parables!

But each week is a humbling experience as I immerse myself into the words of Jesus afresh.  As He speaks of concern for the poor, the sin of materialism, trusting in God -- I come under conviction over and over again.  But I am enjoying the refiner's fire right now.  It is a good time in my life for this to be happening.

Oh, Abba.  I want with all my heart and more than I ever have wanted it before to be like Jesus. Do WHATEVER You have to do to bring out His image in me.    


Jeff said...

Every journey to the Bible for me is becoming more and more rewarding. I was listening to a podcast sermon on Lamentations and it was bringing out things that I can't help but believe God wants me to hear so I can grow closer to Him. While the path to get here with God hasn't been the easiest, it is so powerful to continue walking it each day.

randy said...

The Christian life demands transformation and counter cultural thinking. I struggle with rising above my culture and was truly bit by your thoughts yesterday. Thank you.