Monday, December 17, 2007

Open House and Open Opinions

Yesterday we hosted an open house for our church. The turnout was wonderful. I am so proud of Beverly. She is a great hostess, and did such a fantastic job of decorating and baking. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I just wish they had eaten more!

Please tell me if I am over-reacting, but do the Cowboys seem to be slipping into another December meltdown? They have looked awful the last two games. They shouldn't have won a week ago -- and got lucky. And yesterday they were terrible.

I want to laugh when I hear people saying that because they are 12-2, this team is as good or better than the teams of the 70s and the 90s. Right. The teams of the 70s went to the Super Bowl five times and won two of them. They had several Hall-of-Famers on their roster. The teams of the 90s went to three Super Bowls and won three of them. They have already had three players enter the Hall. At one time, they had at least 10 All-Pros on their roster.

This team? They are a good team. In my opinion they are playing in the weakest NFL I have ever seen. They are maybe the 4th or 5th best team in the league -- and after them the strength of teams falls off dramatically. They have yet to win ONE playoff game. Any Hall-of-Famers that you see? Maybe T.O. I could see Witten perhaps one day. Roy Williams? He's a fraud. Please don't say Romo -- at least not yet. A guy who only has one year under his belt does not qualify for consideration (See Ben Rothlesberger (sp?)

I have followed the Cowboys closely for years. The 70s teams were good -- but tended to play in the shadow of Green Bay and Pittsburgh. The teams of the 90s? They were awesome! They were THE dominant team for a 5 year period. If Jerry Jones had checked his ego and kept Jimmy Johnson as coach, they would have won 4 straight Super Bowls. I would put the 90s team up against any team in history -- even the current New England Patriots.

That's my rant. Agree? or Disagree?

Final note: Have Romo tell his girlfriends to watch him at home.


jross said...

I agree. They aren't as good as I would like to see them at this point.
I would place at least the pats, chargers, & jags in front of them. Yes, I left Indy off intentionally. Too many injuries.
I am a Romo fan - but yesterday he was dreadful. But when your having a bad day, and you happen to throw a great pass to an elite receiver (T.O) and he DROPS IT AGAIN, it has to be hard to get over.

Jeff said...

I think Jessica was more of a distraction for the people watching on TV than for Romo. He just had a bad game. I was OK after the Detroit game thinking the Cowboys needed a nail-biter to wake them up but it appears they are still asleep which makes me wonder what's coming. I hope they snap out of it.

Kyle R. said...


If J.J. had kept the other J.J., the Cowboys could have indeed won 4straight Super Bowls, if not more throughout the 90's.

As for the character of both J.J.'s, well, that's another topic.

I am a Cowboys fan. Always have been. But this current team has yet to prove anything. Tremendous potential. But still quite undisciplined and sporadic. I barely remember the 70's, so I can't comment on that.

Jonathan said...

I agree that they are not playing their best football right now. After 13 weeks though, I think they were due a funk game. New England had theirs in the same week. The only difference is they were playing the lowly Jets and could get away with it. We were playing one of our biggest rivalries and could not, can't blame the defense for yesterday. As far as the week before, I don't believe in "lucky" wins. They did enough to win, and Romo led a great drive to FINISH the game, which is something we have not seen from the Cowboys since '95. Hopefully, they will show up against Carolina this week and put away any doubts.