Monday, December 10, 2007

Know the Color of Their Eyes

I was watching "Good Morning, America" this morning. Rick Warren and his wife were on. Rick is the author of The Purpose-Driven Church. He is my favorite of the popular preachers these days, but that's another blog for another time. He and his wife were on GMA because of her passion for helping stem the AIDS epidemic in Africa, in particular.

While they were being interviewed, Robin Roberts asked Rick a question about the recent mall shooting and the shooting in Colorado over the weekend. Rather than pontificating about the decline of morals, blah, blah, blah -- Rick said, "There are a lot of people hurting. Hurting people will get attention any way they can. We need to get inside these people and find out what is causing them to hurt so much." He then said, "People need a Savior."

That is so true. We can point fingers and place blame. We can wag our heads. But the fact of the matter is: We live in a broken world. And there is only One who can put it back together -- and WE KNOW HIM!

After that story, Beverly told me about something she heard a young church planter tell a group recently. He said he was walking down the street with his mentor, and they passed a poor man. After they passed him, the mentor asked, "What color were that man's eyes?" He told the young man that to really know where a person is -- you have to look into their eyes. Know the color of their eyes.

Sports Page: If the Cowboys are like a cat, they spent 8 of their 9 lives yesterday.


Jeff said...

It is a hurting world. There are so many people around us every day that try to appear they are keeping it together but are in turmoil internally. We need to be a people who are much more aware that Satan is working on us and the person next to us and he well may crack us at some point.

I need to eliminate my symptoms (sin) by fixing the problem (my heart towards God).

Kyle R. said...

We're ALL fellow journeyers on this road we call life. And he (Rick Warren) is right: we all need a Savior. I am thankful I do know Him.

Josh Ross said...

Love the "knowing the color of the eye" challenge. That is good

randy said...

Whenever, I start to think I've got it together, God demonstrates that he's the center and the only way to get it together is through him.

Beverly Ross said...

Great blog! I have grown tired of the "Christian gripe" about the world not looking more like us. How can they??? if we look like Him and they don't know Him yet?
I pray to see people's pain and know the color of their eyes! May His Spirit fill me with courage 'cause it is probably going to get messy.