Friday, December 14, 2007

The Christmas Story

This year I have been preaching through the Christmas story. I have gained so much from it personally. Every day since Thanksgiving, I have been thinking through the incarnation story. God as a baby. How vulnerable is that?! I am in awe.

The Mitchell Report came out yesterday. Looks like Barry,Raffy, Jose and Giambi weren't the only guilty parties. I must confess: I was expecting Jeff Bagwell and maybe even Craig Biggio to be in it. They just look like they beefed up a lot.

One person I never questioned was Randy Johnson:)

It is sad, and I just hope the American public is as righteously indignant about Roger Clemens as they were about Barry Bonds.

I'm glad the report is out. Now the boil has been lanced -- and the healing of the sport can begin.


Jeff said...

I am speaking to myself when I say I wish more time was spent on the Christmas story than Christmas shopping. While I LOVE the joy of the children, I know I have too often invested too much time in the stuff and not enough time in expressing the joy of giving - not of toys and knick-knacks but of time and love.

Kyle R. said...

Well put Jeff.

The Christmas story is really very deep. Deeper than I previously understood. There are so many angles it can be viewed from, so many layers that can be peeled back. I suppose that is one of the blessings of Scripture and why the Hebrew writer says the word of God is living and active.

Along the lines of the Christmas story-- there is a new song that has really captured my heart. It is by a group called Downhere and the song is called "How many kings?" Have any of you heard it?
You can listen to it by doing a google search for "How many kings?". I found it on there drummer's blog site, He has links where the CD or I-tunes can be purchased. But if you just want to listen to it, you can at his blogsite. Like I said, the song has really gripped my heart strings and may become my new favorite contemporary Christmas song.

As far as baseball goes, I started losing interest in MLB some time ago. I don't know if I'll ever be a big fan again. Who know's? If the Rangers could put it all together, maybe I would? But I don't know. Professional sports are such a huge industry now (not just a business, but an industry), it's more about the dollar than anything else-- ask A-rod. $275 million??? The NFL,NBA are really no diffenrent as far as I am concerned even though salary caps apply. Bob Buckel had an interesting perspective in his editorial in the Azle News last week about the NFL and the almigty dollar with a history lesson from professional boxing. I don't know, you may can read it at

Everybody have a good weekend.

Kyle R. said...

I checked and Bob's article can be read at It must have the dash between azle and news or the website will not work. Look under the opinion tab once you get there.

Also-- correction in my grammar on my previous post: "there drummer" should read "their drummer" for all you English professors out "there.":)