Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday Night Church

Last night was one of the greatest Wednesday nights I ever remember. My class went really well. Then after the classes had dismissed, one of our young men was baptized. The auditorium seemed to have a much larger number than we would normally have on Wednesday night. I looked over to where our young people were sitting, and I nearly cried. There were row after row of kids. I did not realize we had so many!

The spirit in that room last night was really, really sweet.

This won't mean anything to those of you who don't play golf, but it's not your blog:) I received an invitation yesterday to play at Vaquero next Tuesday. It is a fairly new course that is over the hill from the buffalo herd on HWY114 in Trophy Club (actually Westlake). It is a very exclusive course that is ranked at the top in Texas. Tiger Woods plays there when he is in town -- which is actually quite often since his instructor lives out there and the Nike Golf headquarters is in Fort Worth.

I have been so blessed to be able to play some of the places I have. I got to play Dallas National a few years ago. What a gorgeous course with breathtaking views. It's over in the rolling hills close to Oak Cliff. And the course that Beverly treated me to in Cabo San Lucas may be the most perfect golf course I ever played.

I haven't gotten to play Colonial, but I would love to just for the history of it.

Right now the long term forecast for next Tuesday isn't looking too good. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Jonathan said...

make sure to take your foot-wedge. possibly the best club.

Kyle R. said...

I always thought Runaway Bay was at the top your list.:)

randy said...

I wasn't supposed to be in Texas last night (my trip to Atlanta got cancelled) but I found my way to church. I wasn't supposed to teach but ended up leading a pretty good discussion. Linda and I had to move back a couple of pews to make room for the kids who wanted to sit together. I felt nearer to the spirit of the Lord than I have in many years. We were greatly blessed.