Friday, December 07, 2007

Pearl Harbor and D(Dallas Cowboy)-Day

Yesterday I wrote about being invited to play at Vaquero next Tuesday. At that time, the long-term weather forecast was calling for temperatures in the mid-50s and a possibility of showers. Since then things have gotten worse. Now they are calling for a possible winter weather event. Oh, well. Maybe I'll get a rain check.

Today marks 66 years since Pearl Harbor was attacked. I wonder what the world might look like today if Japan had not committed one of the biggest military blunders in history -- "awakening a sleeping giant."

The Cowboys play a game this week that had all the makings of upset written all over it. After playing 3 games in 11 days and winning an emotional, playoff type game against the Packers, we might have expected a letdown. But Detroit Lion's quarterback Jon Kitna has taken care of that. A radio interview he did before last year's game has surfaced in which he talked about Bradie James not knowing where he was. He also made some remarks about Terrance Newman.

So, James has vowed that Kitna will know where he is, and Newman has said he has set aside enough money to pay a fine for taking Kitna's head off. I imagine the rest of the defense will also be carrying a chip on its collective shoulders, as well.

Thanks, Kitna, for helping the Cowboys to 12-1. When will athletes learn that what goes around comes around? I still can't wait for New England to get what is "coming around." I may have to wait a couple of years, however.

On a parting note: What is wrong with the Mavericks?


Jeff said...

Mavericks? It's football season except to note the Longhorns are #4 in college hoops right now.

Josh Ross said...

Hope Kitna throws 4 picks, and is sacked 6+ times.
I never wish physical harm on anyone (except the Yankees), but I wouldn't mind Kitna being sore for a few days.

jross said...

If I were Kitna, I'd be real careful about talking about other teams. As often as he changes them, he may shut some doors of the extremely desperate.

Mav's problem? They are a reflection of their leadership. CUBAN!