Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weather: Round 2

Last night I taught class in Garland, and didn't get home until 10:30, so I missed the weather. This morning I got up to go to my small prayer group. It was still dark as I went to let out the dog. SURPRISE!!!!!! I was not expecting to see the ground covered in sleet and snow. Schools are closed. Cars are traveling down our street, so I will brave the elements (wow, I feel like Daniel Boone) to make my 3 mile trek to work here in a little bit.

My precious wife is speaking at the Christian Educators' Workshop in Fort Worth this morning. She speaks at three sessions, and will be finished about noon. I am hopeful that she will be able to come home today. So, please pray for my sweetie.

Don't take anything for granted in this weather! We have had two church members that I am aware of who have fallen and broken bones.


I listened to the second half of the Mavs game on the radio on my way home last night. They were playing the Houston Rockets. Down by 13 midway through the 3rd period. They ended up winning by 13! These guys are good!


Jeff said...

Mavs Schmavs. The game last night was between Texas and Oklahoma State. 3 OT's and Okie State pulled it out at the end. It was a whirlwind, fun game to watch.

I would like this weather a lot more if I could stay home by the fire.

randy said...

We're leaving in the morning for OKC. Hopefully, we'll be back by tomorrow evening. The biggest game I've seen in the past two days was I35W and I820 in FW. Car wars!