Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bye, Bye to Big Bill

So, Big BIll is gone. I don't think his heart was ever here. He's a northeasterner at heart. This "hall of fame" coach ( I question whether he belongs there. Nothing really against him, but I just don't think he ranks with Landry, Shula, etc.) was unable to work his magic in Dallas. Barely over .500 winning percentage. Backed into the playoffs twice, and lost both games. Hardly the resume of a "legend."

I don't know about you, but Parcells reminds me of an old grandfather that no one wants to be around because he is so grumpy. He was always snippy with the media here. Just didn't seem happy.

And now, even as he leaves -- it seems he is taking a parting shot. No press conference. Simply an email announcing his retirement.

But the BIGGEST shot may have been taken at Jerry Jones. Parcells was never on board with bringing T. O. in. Remember him? The self-proclaimed greatest receiver ever -- if only he could catch. Unfortunately, catching the ball is a prerequisite -- as unfair as it might seem -- to being considered "great", T. O. So, Parcells has delayed announcing his retirement until most of the "hire-able" coaches have already been snatched by other teams. Could this have been "pay-backs" to Jones for bringing in "The Headache" (reference to "the greatest receiver ever").

So, who is out there? Maybe some college coaches. But other than Jimmy Johnson, it doesn't seem that college coaches transition very well to the NFL. I was having trouble naming any yesterday.

So how about Wade Phillips? Norv Turner? Good coordinators, but haven't faired all that well as head coaches. Why not bring them both in, and let them share the duties? You would have one of the best defensive coordinators and one of the best offensive coordinators in today's NFL. I don't know if egos would prevent that or not.



jross said...

I read yesterday where Houston Nutt was a candidate (J.J. is a hog). Denny Green was another name thrown around. I hope neither of those are chosen.
I have said for a long time that Stoops would be a great candidate. My guess is that J.J. already has someone in mind .... now the waiting game begins.
I hadn't thought about Parcells departure as you described it. Interesting!

Kyle R. said...

I pretty much agree with your assessment of the Bill Parcells era. In Dallas, at least, he was barely mediocre. And was most definitely grumpy. He always had a burned out look to his face.

I hadn't thought about his method of departure the way you mention, but you may be right.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jerry Jones went after Bill Cowher (sp?).

Jeff said...

I read an interesting article today discussing TO and his many drops. The article pointed out he also one of the leading receivers in catches, yards and touchdowns. I still don't care for him though.

Turner is a failed head coach. I don't think Cowher is the right guy for Dallas. I don't like Stoops and I don't think he and Jones would get along but who knows. One of the Super Bowl coaches would be OK. I hear Lovie is paid way too little in Chicago but I don't think you could pry Dungy away. Maybe Jerry can finally give it a go.