Friday, January 05, 2007

Just Ramblin'

This morning I am wishing it was June. Not so that we would have 100 degree weather instead of 40. No, what I am thinking about is the Dallas Mavericks. These guys are playing some great b-ball! I am just hopeful that they can keep it up for 6 more months.


So, we now have a new Congress in session. It will be interesting to see what will happen with a Republican president and Democratic Congress for the next two years. The tables are reversed from Bill Clinton's 2nd term. I must confess: I had high hopes for things when we had a Republican majority in Congress and a Republican president. But other than getting a couple of more Conservative Supreme Court justices, I have been disappointed.

Here's hoping that the Democratic majority can shore up Social Security! Now that I have turned 50, I'm beginning to think more about such things.


The Cowboys are in the playoffs! Saturday night against Seattle. Yet, I don't hear anyone talking about it. Due to their play over the last month, it seems as if people are holding out little hope that their season will last beyond Saturday night. However, Seattle shows some cracks of their own. In the NFC this year, anything could happen. GO, SAINTS!


Jeff said...

I'm pulling for a Saints and Chargers show down. I've been an LT fan since he was at TCU and I'll be pulling for San Diego to win it all.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be getting all the press right now. I haven't paid much attention to the news lately so I don't know what it all means but my son made the comment that he can't believe the Democrats gained control in the House. Hmmm...has he heard how we've voted in the past? :)

randy said...

"The government which governs least governs best." Perhaps, they'll do nothing and we'll benefit. I also confess disappointment with the meager accomplishments of the republicans.