Monday, January 29, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

Today I have blogger's block. So, I will mention a couple of things and be out of here.

TIger Woods (wow!). Won his 7th straight PGA Tour event. That is the 2nd longest streak in history -- behind Byron Nelson's 11.

He and Roger Federer (tennis star) are good friends, and text message each other constantly -- raising the bar for each other. They are both on very similar winning streaks, and have won about the same number of majors. I heard Tiger in an interview about this, and he said one advantage he has is the longevity of a career in golf. He may be right.


It's looking like Norv Turner may be the new Cowboys' head coach. I like him. I think he got a bum rap for his work in Oakland (an impossible assignment). I hope he gets the job.


So who is your favorite for the Super Bowl? I like both coaches. The Bears have a rookie defensive back from ACU. I'd like to see Manning win the big one. So I will barely be pulling for the Colts. I'll mainly be pulling for a good game.


Shannon said...


Your right it looks like Norv Turner is the man for Big D. I like Norv and he may be a good fit in Dallas. Anyone who works in Oakland is begging for a beating!

I am cheering for the Colts simply because of Tony Dungy. I really admire and respect Tony! Go Colts!

Jeff said...

I will enjoy the Super Bowl however it turns out. I like Dungy because he is open about his faith and seems to try his best to live for God. I like Manning and want him to win but I don't know why. I like Marvin Harrison because he's one of the best but doesn't feel the need to show off. I like Lovie Smith because he's from East Texas and seems like a good guy from what little I know of him. Daniel Manning is an ACU guy and I just like the way Urlacher plays linebacker.
As long as the snacks are good, I'll be hapyy.

jross said...

Congrats to Tiger. Go Colts! No way to Norv. He was a wash-out in Washington. I agree with your Oakland statement. He's a great offensive coordinator - but he's no head coach.