Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Stuff

I went and played golf yesterday afternoon. Wow! What a gorgeous January day! Today looks like more of the same. It was so nice after two straight weeks of overcast cold days. Looks like next week will be a return to more cold, though. Oh well. That's what it is supposed to be like in late January and early February.


I heard on Good Morning America this morning that Hillary Clinton is by far the front-runner for the Democratic nomination next year (over 40% to Obama's 20%). I realize it is still very early in the process, so things are likely to change a lot. Interestingly, she also has the highest percentage of disapproval. I was surprised last week to hear that John McCain led all candidates in polling.


Here's one to try on your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. I think that I read it came from Winnie the Pooh. "If you live to be 100, I hope I die one day before -- because I never want to live a day without you."

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Beverly Ross said...

I didn't know I agreed with Poo on much but I sure do on that!