Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Playoff Predictions

I'm off to a bit of a slow start this morning. Had a bout with vertigo last night, and woke up with a mild migraine this morning. So, I nearly stayed in bed. But I am now sitting at the keyboard ready for a good day.


I have not even looked at the odds for the NFL Championship games this weekend. But here's hoping that the Saints beat the Bears and the Colts beat the Patriots. Then in the Super Bowl, I don't care. For sentimental reasons, I would like to see the Saints win. But I would also like to see Payton Manning get the monkey off his back.


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Jeff said...

I with you on the playoffs. I'd like to see Peyton win just because he needs to but the Saints would be an excellent story.

Beverly Ross said...

Is it too late for the Saints to get Manning -NOW- so they both could win?????

Kyle R. said...

I would like to see the Saints go all the way. But don't discount New England: they seem to be good at finding ways to win during the post-season.

randy said...

Isn't football over yet?

Shannon said...


I'm taking the Saints and Colts. I think it would be great for New Orleans to have the Saints get to the Super Bowl. Can I say it would also be egg on Jerry's face for letting Sean Payton get out of Dallas. I have the Colts winning it all. I really want Tony Dungy to win a Super Bowl. He is a man of outstanding character and class. I love Dungy and he deserves to win the big one to get everyone off his back. Go COLTS!!