Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl and Baptisms

I entered Sunday hopeful that it would end with Mavericks, Saints and Colts victories. The Mavs had me biting my nails -- but came through at the end. The Saints had a meltdown. And the Colts? Wow! Largest comeback in Conference championship history.

So, it will be the Colts and the Bears in the Super Bowl. I will be pulling for the Colts becasue Tony Dungy is a Christian (deacon in the Church of Christ) and Payton Manning needs to have a chance to get rid of the ridiculous monkey the media has placed on him. I think he will.


I received a call at about 11 PM on Saturday night. Two of our teenagers were going to be baptized at 11:30. Now, I turn in pretty early on Saturdays. But I got up and came to the church building to witness these new births.

I guess we, in churches of Christ, are fairly unique when it comes to such events. I have dropped what I was doing to witness baptisms in hot tubs, stock tanks (on a cold November day), swimming pools -- and, of course, the church baptistry. Something about the urgency to "just do it" makes for a really special occasion.


Jeff said...

It is and was a special occasion. I wasn't initially excited about staying up to get my daughter after their event but the joy of seeing these kids baptized made it an energizing night.

Go Colts.

Kyle R. said...

That is awesome about the baptisms. I was so happy to hear the news of them yesterday.

I was hoping for the Saints to overcome the Bears. And I am glad the Colts beat the Patriots, I just wasn't sure they could. I am definitely pulling for the Colts.

randy said...

How happy we are that two of our children have chosen to clothe themselves with Jesus. I wonder if I might feel the same joy if I were better about sharing Jesus with other.