Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yes, I Have Been to Paris

Beverly and I made it home late last night from Paris (just saying that makes me feel like a jet-setter). The church there was very interesting. It dates back to around the Civil War. On one wall they have pictures of all of their preachers. It was like taking a tour through the American Restoration Movement. F. D. Srygley, J. W. McGarvey, Foy Wallace, Sr -- and several others I cannot remember at the moment.

We had a nice evening there. The preacher, Patrick Cannon, seems like a fine, young man. He and his wife were very helpful. It was also good to see Roy and Anna Bolton. Roy was one of the elders who hired me when I went to the Mesquite church in 1993. After services last night, we went to Brahm's with them and did a little reminiscing. He and I laughed as we recalled after I had been at Mesquite for a while. That church was a good, stable church -- but it had a handful of people who were malcontents. To some extent, it was driven by at least one elder. In fact, two elders (including the one just mentioned) resigned within the first two weeks I was there -- throwing things into an uproar.

So, after I had been there a while, I remember asking Roy, "Roy, during the interview process, I asked you elders if there was any tension in the eldership and you told me 'no.' Why?" Give him credit for his frankness. He said, "If we had told you that, you wouldn't have come."


JRoss said...

I visited that congregation in 1997. They were financially supporting a couple I know working in one of the Baltic countries. I also remember those pictures you mentioned. It was like a museum.
God bless your ministry.

jenny biz said...

Glad you guys had a good time in Paris! I hear great things about that city!!:)