Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Morning Ramblings

Just a quick Monday morning blog. Ho-hum, Tiger won again -- with his "C" game.

Last night was great! My sweetie got home. Beverly had left Wednesday night to go be with her mom as she had surgery on Thursday morning. Then she stayed for a few days to assist her mom and dad. I do OK when she is away -- for about 6 hours. So I was really glad to see her safely home last night.

And it's raining! Thank you, Lord. Over the last few weeks, we have been getting about a half in to an inch a week. It has been so good for our lawns! And it is so refreshing. But Lord, our reservoirs need a tropical depression to camp out here for a couple of days.


A couple of months back, the Cowboys signed T.O. I said at the time that it was the last straw for me. People said that I ought to give T.O a chance. They said that he had changed. Well, it's looking like he is well on the way to destroying a third team. And it's a shame, because it looks like the Cowboys could be competitive. What a waste.


Jeff said...

I'm sure TO is just saving himself for the big games. He's really a nice person on the inside. Ha ha. I have so little respect for professional athletics today. So many of the players turn me away from the game because of their attitudes and there are a few coaches and owners who do the same. I'll tune into football and basketball playoffs - that's about it.

I'll play fantasy golf if you will play fantasy NASCAR.

JRoss said...

I think if I lived in Texas, you and I would be really good friends!

Fantasy golf???????

T.O. should be cut now before the cancer spreads.

Rick Ross said...


Yeah, you and Jeff would be two peas in a pod.

They do have a fantasy golf league. But I have never dabbled in any of the fantasy leagues, so I don't know much about them.

Josh Ross said...

Tiger is unbelievable. My prediction--100+ wins, and around 25 majors.

Beverly Ross said...

I am LOVING Tiger's success! So much fun to watch and/or keep up with via phone. How would you feel to be carting pies around and end up with Tiger's ball in your cart and then find out the whole tournament has stopped to find you!!!! Cool! I am delighted to be home again! I missed you too!