Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Power of Pornography

It was so good to have Ron Carlson here to speak in Decatur last night. He is one of the most sincere Christians I have ever known. He is such a lover of people. I wish I had his energy, too.

After church, we went to Brahm's for ice cream. Ron told me that he is going to spend 5 weeks speaking about the epidemic of sexual sin. We got to talking about how many preachers we know who have been taken down by this weapon of Satan's. Ron has also been doing a lot of research on internet pornography. He said research shows that 60% of Christian men visit a porn site every day! He also told me that the NFL, in their recent renegotiations, had to drop their asking price because viewership is down. Why? Because men in the target audience (age 15-34) are on porn sites rather than watching the games.

Why would we choose to do that which will destroy relationships and rot our souls? Because Satan knows how to wrap up poison to make it look good.

Next Wednesday night, we will begin our men's class again here at church. I think I know what our topic will be.


Josh Ross said...

Sexual sins such as pornography, masturbation, lust, and adultery are so powerful. I applaud Ron for tackling such an issue. I also hope that the class time goes well at your church discussing this topic.
A couple of observations:
1) Where is the discipline of confession in our churches? We have lost it. It was close to the heart of the early church.
2) We need people who have struggled and overcome sexual sins to step forward with a willingness to share their story. “Hi, my name is Joe. I struggled with pornography for 18 years. It almost destroyed my marriage. I have now lived 8 years without looking at one pornographic website or magazine. If you are struggling with this same sin, please let me know, and I would be glad to meet with you on a regular basis to join you on a journey of deliverance.”

Rick Ross said...

Good observations. Incredibly, we have had both your points happen here in Decatur. I want to continue to nurture such an environment.

Rick Ross said...
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