Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Softball and Mel Gibson

Well, the softball season is about over. We began our post-season tournament last night. We played Grace Baptist. I think they need to reconsider their name. Last week, they beat us 35-0. Last night we had similar results: 36-6.

Obviously, we are not very good. We won less than half our games during the season. But "Grace" Baptist? They surely didn't show us any. I'm really just kidding. After the game, one of the guys apologized for running up the score. He said that the tournament winner could come down to runs scored. I told him not to worry about it. I said that they way we played, they would have had to sit down on the bases to keep from running up the score.

We play again tonight. Chances are this will be our last game.


I really like Mel Gibson. I have heard some discussion about his being stopped for drunk driving last week. But I don't know for sure what the hoopla is about what he said in his drunkenness. I need to find an article where that is detailed. It is certainly serving as fodder for the talk shows. Even on GMA this morning they were talking about alcohol's affect on our inhibitions.


jenny biz said...

Hope you guys win tonight!! I feel bad for Mel and I am sure the press is all over this one to make him look bad.

Beverly Ross said...

I love watching you play softball! I, too, hope you win tonight. May the games continue!!!!!
Poor Mel! I would hate to have my worst moments plastered on the news for all to see - especially people who wrap themselves up in the past-time of criticizing others. His poor family!

Josh Ross said...

36-6!!! All I can say is WOW!!!

randy said...


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