Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Trip to Lovington, New Mexico

Friday Beverly and I will be heading to Lovington, New Mexico for a weekend with the church there. She will lead a ladies' day on Saturday. On Friday night, two sessions Saturday night and four sessions Sunday, I will be teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

This is the third straight year we have made this trip. It is so special. The church is warm and friendly. And we get to spend time with our dear friends, Larry and Aleta Tittle. Larry serves as a minister there.

We will be returning on Monday, arriving in the evening. So I will be missing from the blogger world for a few days.

I'm writing this today to ask you to be praying for us this weekend, that the Lord will use us to bring words of blessing. Also, I'm writing it today because tomorrow will be dedicated to a very special person in my life.


Beverly Ross said...

I cannot wait to travel with you to New Mexico! I love this trip! I love our precious friends! I love the Lovington church! It is so cool to get to go back to a church multiple times because relationships develop. Fun!
BTW: who is tomorrow going to be dedicated to????????? Hmmmmmm!

JRoss said...

I hope you don't embarrass me too much in tomorrow's blog.