Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who Compares to Tiger?

While Beverly and I were gone on our trip, Tiger Woods won his 12th major. He is 3 years ahead of Jack Nickaus' record major pace of 18. He totally dominates the game of golf today. In the world golf rankings (a weird formula), he has lapped the field. His ranking is 19+. Phil Michelson is second at 9+. Tiger is further ahead of number two than number two is ahead of the very last place. He is a stud.

I know that there are those who would argue that golfers are not athletes. When I look at Tim Herron or John Daly (even Phil looks like he is spending more time with the ice cream than on the practice range), I am tempted to agree. But you would be hard-pressed to say that Tiger Woods is not an athlete. As one writer in this morning's Dallas Morning News said, I find it hard to believe Tiger would not have excelled at any sport he set his mind to.

So, here is your challenge: Who even comes close to dominating his / her sport (game) like Tiger Woods. (And those who use body-enhancing drugs don't count).


On another note: Beverly's mom is having knee surgery this morning. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.


JRoss said...

Like golfers, many (probably Rick included) don't include NASCAR drivers as athletes. Even though they lose up to 15 lbs. a race from perspiration and are on a regular workout schedule for endurance. That completes my NASCAR commercial.
In answer to the question - the athletes that came to mind were heads and shoulders above others in their sport, but didn't dominate like Tiger. People like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Col. Sanders (HA!), Bret Favre, Nolan Ryan, Pele, Muhammad Ali, etc... These guys made the games fun to follow.

jonroster said...

I'll throw a name out there that many may not recognize...Roger Federer. He is #1 in the world of tennis. He dominates his sport as Tiger does golf. He is 24 years old and has half as many grandslam events as Pete Sampras (the record holder). He reached the finals of a tournament for 17 straight tournaments. He was a minimum of 2 grandslams the past 3 years. Sounds Tiger-esque to me!

Rick Ross said...

OK, Little Bro - since you mentioned my name, you are right. How can a person driving a car be an athlete? Right now, I am driving a car without air conditioning in Texas in August. If I drove it 500 miles -- I would probably lose 15 pounds. But that doesn't make me an athlete.

When Secretariat and Affirmed won the Triple Crown, who was their jockey? No one can name them, right? Why? Because the HORSE won the race. Similarly, it's a CAR that wins a race. Oh, OK. Push the pedal. Turn the wheel. Take a pitstop. WHEW!

I hope you recognize that this is tongue-in-cheek. But, no, I would not classify a race-car driver as an athlete any more than I would someone who drives a big-rig coast to coast. Skills? I'm sure. But chess-masters and billiards-masters and fish-masters have skills, too.

Rick Ross said...
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Josh Ross said...

I'd probably have to add D-Wade to this list (WOW--while typing this post the whistle blew calling a foul on all 5 Maverick starters while D-Wade slipped through the lane untouched.)

JRoss said...


randy said...

Tony Boyer has 105 points that count toward the Benchrest Hall of Fame and continues to win major events. The next nearest shooter has 45 points. He is absolutely dominant (and I'm probably only person reading this blog who knows who he is).

Competitive shooters don't tend to take performance enhancing drugs - interferes with concentration.

Jeff said...

Michael Jordan is my pick. He dominated over time and changes.

I can't help but enter the NASCAR fray. Driving 500 miles without an a/c wouldn't classify anyone as an athlete but driving 500 miles at close to 200 mph with 40 other people bumper to bumper, power that puts stress on the body and walls that remind you when you make a mistake takes an incredible amount of concentration and fast-twitch skills.

I vote with the Florida Ross.