Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fall is Just Around the Corner

The cooler weather over the last couple of days and nights has been invigorating. I left the house this morning right at daybreak, and it felt so good!

We are entering my favorite season of the year. I love the Fall (not the Adam and Eve one, but the season). After a long Texas summer, it is refreshing. I love the changing of the leaves. I love the cool nights. High school football. College game day. I used to live for hunting season. Even now, I have such vivid memories of sitting in the woods on a crisp autumn morning.

I imagine most people are "Spring" people. I like Spring, but it is too much of a reminder of the long summer to come.

How about you? Submit your vote. Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? I guess I don't need to put winter. We don't have one in Texas.


jross said...

Oh goody! A question blog.

Autumn - for all the reasons you mentioned. I don't like Winter because in Florida our population literally doubles. For me Spring brings allergies. I become MISERABLE with hay fever (but, our population shrinks again).

Glad you're getting some relief from the heat wave. I wish I could send you some rain - we have more than enough (for now).

Jeff said...

Definitely fall. Texas/ou, high school football and most of all, it's not 182 degrees. You can watch a NASCAR race without sweating.

Beverly Ross said...

I am a spring lover!!!! I love the flowers and watching everything turn green! I love the anticipatin that summer is coming!!!!! I love ...There is not a season that I don't like though.

Cassey said...

I love the fall , and the winter, I love the cool weather that it brings and all the fun things that happen . all the diffrent carnivals and fairs

jonroster said...

right now, my favorite is fall and winter...ask me in january and it is spring and summer (but i am not a flip-flop)