Friday, August 25, 2006

A Mixed Bag

Beverly's mom's surgery went well yesterday. Beverly will stay down there for a few days. I sure miss her when we are apart.


Well, the oil companies are pulling another one. This is one area I admit to being especially cynical about, but having worked for one years ago I know how they play their game. Last report was that our inventories were up. So, the prices have been coming down for the last couple of weeks. Well, this morning they are headed back up. Why? Because of concerns over a hurricane. Huh? Could it be that they are simply playing on the pubiic's memories from Katrina -- which was forming this time last year? The current storm that is now in the Atlantic, Debby, is expected to take a hairpin turn and never approach the US.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the growth of Islam in our world. Islam means "submission." Publicly, they claim to be peace-loving. However, as I look at the world globe -- anywhere they inhabit is anything but peaceful. The Koran calls for imposing "submission to Allah" upon the world. If it is only the radical, fundamentalists who are violent and who foster terrorism, why hasn't any moderate voice come out to speak against them?

What do you think? Are Moslems, in general, peace-loving and tolerant people. Or could it be that they are presenting one face to us to try to keep us complacent while building toward something sinister (ala Nazi Germany).


Jeff said...

That's a tough question for a Friday. I can only hope there is nothing that sinister going on but it is hard to know. The concern for what might be out there is one reason I don't get up in arms about what our government is trying to do to protect us.

While in California, I noticed they were paying $3.27 for regular unleaded.

Josh Ross said...

I don't know many Muslims, but I'm sure that there are thousands, if not millions, out there that are very peace-loving and joyful. There are probably plenty of them that don't want to fall under the same stereotype of other Muslim groups that represent violence and hatred. But you are right, when you think of "Muslim," negative thoughts come to our minds. Most of it is brought on by the media.

The same is true for Americans. We claim to be about peace, yet we follow some of the same hostile patterns of retaliation (you bomb me; I'll bomb you) and violence. We want our land and our people protected, but often at the cost of the lives of innocent men, women, and children.

Rick Ross said...

Interesting observation. In my mind, the media wants to be so politically correct that it has sugar-coated the threat.

One thing that got me thinking about this was an interview with a man on a Christian radio station. He is an ex-Moslem who is now a Christian. He said that in most mosques in America, you will hear chants of "Death to America." His point was that "moderate Islam" is a fairy tale.

Josh Ross said...

"Moderate Islam is a fairy tale."

I'm sure that many would differ, but interesting interview.

The issue for Christians shouldn't be how to protect and defend ourselves from radical groups, but rather how we can join in praying for the reign of God to spread throughout the world.
How can we bring an end to racism, hatred, violence, segregation, materialism, greed, pride, selfishness, adultery, and loneliness?