Monday, September 19, 2005

Reflections on Yesterday

I love Sundays with a church that is so affirming and encouraging! It makes what I do during the week so rewarding. And after the last two years, I have been given a whole new appreciation for that. Every week, there are special brothers and sisters who come up and say how glad they are that we are in Decatur. There are folks who were on the selection committee who tell me what a great choice they made. It just makes me want to give of myself even more. I love the Decatur Church of Christ!

On a similar note, I want you to be praying for a dear shepherd today. Jim Walker is going in for more tests this afternoon (Monday). We are concerned and are praying that the Lord will take care of him and heal him. Jim truly has the heart of a shepherd, and I pray that I will be serving with him for many years.



Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

We are blessed to have you in Decatur. I don't pretend to know the difficulties of the past two years for you and your family but I just can't help but think the Lord was at work preparing the hearts of the Decatur church and the Ross family to come together to work and teach and minister together for His glory.
You and Beverly are an answer to prayers, prayers that have been offered up for several years and we are blessed to have you in our family.
I look forward to the coming weeks, months and years - to know you better on a personal level and to work together to do some incredible things for God.

jenny biz said...

It brings me so much joy to know that you and mom are loved and appreciated. You both are two of the most talented and gifted people I know. You deserve nothing less!!
Thanks, Jeff for being such a great friend and encourager to my dad and mom.

Beverly Ross said...

Just wanted to add a loud and resounding AMEN right here! Seems like an appropriate word at an appropriate time! I, too, am grateful for the love God has provided for our little family through the Decatur church. Jeff, you definitely have the gift of encouragement. I believe the Lord used you and your precious wife to get us to Decatur. May our friendship only grow closer in years to come. Praise His precious name!
Jenny, thanks for your sweet words! You are a blessing to claim as a daughter. I continue to learn from you!