Monday, September 26, 2005

Change of Seasons

I got excited last night listening to the weather. Cool front approaching Wednesday night. Low Thursday morning in the mid-50s. High of 80. As I fist-pumped and jumped around the bedroom, Beverly called from the bathroom asking what was going on. Actually, I think she said something like, "Are yousey woosey OK-sey waysey?"

I love this time of year! The cool in the air in the mornings and evenings. Well, not yet -- but it's coming! After all, it's only September 26th. I love the changing of the leaves. I love the overseeding of the golf course. Football. And then the approaching holidays.

Last year, Beverly and I were able to go to Pittsburgh in October. It was absolutely incredible -- the colors of the leaves and the chill in the air. I loved it! And no telling what I miss -- since I'm colored-blind.

No doubt about it: Fall is my favorite season. Here in Texas, it's the two best weeks of the year. I am so grateful to God for the cycle of nature. He is absolutely awesome!

So how about you? What is your favorite season?


Beverly Ross said...

I'm a spring kind-of-girl! I love the newness! I love the anticipation of summer coming and family vacation! I love the scent of blooming flowers and the radiant yellows and reds! I love the energy after the long winter's nap (or something like that).

Jeff said...

Fall is my pick. I'm always hot so changing to cool weather is a bonus for me. I enjoy the time change and the nights not being filled with sunshine. It also reminds me of great bird hunts with an uncle who taught me so much. Friday night football games and hot chocolate, TEXAS/ou and a few fires in the fireplace. Fall is a great time for me.

jenny biz said...

I think I'll have to go with Fall also. I love the anticipation of the holidays. I love that you can be outside without thinking you are going to die.
(Of course, the season when all the t.v. shows start their new seasons:)

John Ross said...

Living in Florida our cooler seasons are marked by the inflated population of out of state license plates pulling oxygen tents.

I love both the fall and winter. Allergies are gone and deer are moving.

Carmen said...

Oh mine is summer no doubt! I don't have to work and I have maximum time with my kids and hubby! We have 2 great family vacations with both of our extended families. I have been reading the posts daily and I'm excited that I may have finally figured out how to make a comment.

Fibonacci_fan said...

"As I fist-pumped and jumped around the bedroom". It will be hard for me not so picture you doing that as I listen to you preach Sunday morning.
I like fall, too. The cool air and mello colors really make me feel at peace. Summer is too hot, and winter is too cold, but fall is just right.

Josh Ross said...

I'm going to go with the August heat. 105 during 2 a days. Can anything beat it? The smell of dirt and sweat in a tight locker room. Ummm!!! Take that smell and put it in a cologne bottle and I'll buy it. Yeah!!!

Cassey said...

fal and winter I love ebing under the blankets and cuddeling with the ones I love on cool days