Wednesday, September 28, 2005

30 Years Already?

It's hard to believe. 30 years. Wow! I remember the 1st time I saw her. It was in the Student Center at ACU. She was talking about how much she had enjoyed All-College Night, where the band I was in with Ronnie Dunn had played the night before. She was so impressed with me! She thought I had been playing the guitar. Actually, I was the drummer. As I said, she was so impressed.

But you could see it in her eyes. A joy for life. An unflagging energy. An optimism and enthusiasm that was contagious. Her love for people was so authentic. And the cute way that she added endings to short words or shortened long words. Like when we went to a Mexican restaurant, and she asked for more "chippies."

And her love for the Lord -- it was so evident. For a guy who teetered toward pessimism and cynicism -- she was just what the doctor ordered.

So, 30 years ago today -- September 28th, 1975 -- we had our 1st date. Sweet! And you know what? She's still my girlfriend. And what the doctor ordered has been just right. She has steered me around my phantom mountains and walked me through dark valleys. She has gently prodded me into greater intimacy with the Father. Her passion for Him and for life has rubbed off on me. I can honestly, and without hesitation, tell you that I think she is the most wonderful person on the planet. Her energy and optimism for life haven't changed -- unless perhaps more intense now.

Beverly, thankey-wankey yousie-woosie. The journey has been incred. You are a real beauty-mooty.


Beverly Ross said...

I write this through tears - tears of memories - sweet memories! Haven't we had fun? I love you so much! You are the love of my life! Let's go at least 30 more!!!
Rick, thank you for always see me as better than I am! It compels me to try to be her! I love that about you! You lift me up - constantly! Thank you! (Thankey-wankey, yousie-wousie!)

Jeff said...

I want to make a comment...but find myself speechless. :)

Jeff said...

OKsey-wasey, I think I have it together now. Congratulations on so many years together and being such wonderful people and examples to so many around you. The Lord has blessed you and blessed me and many others through our friendship with you.

Carmen said...

Jeff, you make me laugh. I echo Jeff's congrats. We are so glad to have two people so obviously in love with the Lord and with each other to work with. Have a wonderful day.

John Ross said...

I remember the first time I met her too. It wasn't long after you started dating her. Both of you picked me up from Larkspur Elementary School when you were on college break. She thought I was adorable (at least that's the way I want to remember it)- unlike my older brother who thought I was "a foghorn".

Thanks for sticking up for me Bev!

Beverly Ross said...

John, I did think you were adorable! I am so proud of who you are! and of your sweet, precious wife!

John Ross said...


Beverly Ross said...

I almost put 'did' in all caps, too, but for a different reason. You look too much like Rick now to not find you currently adorable, little bro.
Can you believe it has been 30 years?????

John Ross said...

Dianne asked me to add that it was the love/enthusiasm/compassion that is evident in both your lives that eventually led her to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Just to make it even more special, it is also Rufus' birthday. Coincidence? I think not!

your sonnie wonnie

Carmen said...

Hey Jeffie Weffie

I sat down to read a very serious notie wotie from a man to his wife and was almost shedding tearsie wiersies when you have to make a big joke out of a very serious moment.

Congratulations Rick and Beverly and thanks a lot Rick. Now I have to try to remember when my first datsie watsie was with my beautiful wife.

Yours Truly

Carmen's chubby hubby

jenny biz said...

Thanks for your example of marriage. So glad you decided to go out this night 30 years ago.
I am also in awe that Rufus is still breathing and living! It truly is a miracle (for Mom) and a curse (for Dad). Jonathan, thank you for reminding us that this day shares two great memories;)