Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lord, Get Us to Decatur!

Well, Beverly and I have now been a part of the Decatur Church of Christ for 4-1/2 months. We are blessed! We have been overwhelmed by these people's friendliness and affirmation and acceptance. We are so ready to get moved up here.

Speaking of that, we did have two showings of our house yesterday. Pray that we get an offer today -- please! We also have a lead on some property. So, Lord -- bring it on! We're ready!


jenny biz said...

Definitely will be praying!!

Jeff said...

The prayers are coming. I know the time will be soon when we see your shining face at the Wal-Mart and the gas station on a regular basis.

Beverly Ross said...

I'm ready, honey! I'm already packing!