Tuesday, September 20, 2005

About Losing

OK, I admit it! I'm a sore loser. I can't believe I spent 3-1/2 hours of my life watching the Cowboys give away a game last night. You have a 13 point lead (less than two scores) -- and you go into protection mode in the 3rd quarter! Go figure.

But back to the problem: I'm a sore loser. I still can't get over the last game of Josh's high school career. It was at Texas Stadium. And the same scenario played out. We were winning, and gave Greenville the game. It was heart-breaking. Especially to watch my son -- who had perhaps his best game of his life -- standing on the field after the game was over. He just couldn't bring himself to leave. The coach had to go out, put his arm around him -- and lead him off.

Did I already confess that I'm a sore loser? Well, that's one reason I'm a Christian. This "battle with Satan" stuff gets me down. I hate losing to him. Some battles I win, but others I lose. And it makes me sore. But I'm involved in a game in which the outcome has already been decided. And guess who is the winner. It's ME! That's right -- I win. And I can't wait to be a sore sport and rub it in Satan's face. Talk about some trash talkin'! Satan -- you're going down! Yo mama! Who da' man now?

"Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15: 57


jenny biz said...

I think our whole family mourned for weeks after that game. I remember calling home from Abilene and thinking that someone had died!

You think it would be okay to cuss at satan-oh wait, we will be in Heaven. Oh well! Maybe God will allow one cuss word per person! It would make me feel really good just to say one bad word to him!!


Beverly Ross said...

Jenny, you crack me up!
I love knowing the end of the story! I love knowing that when it is all said and done - we will be on the side of victory! I LOVE to win!