Friday, September 30, 2005

Genesis Made Clearer

Hey, did you hear that the governor of Louisiana came down with a ruling on Roe v. Wade? She said she didn't care how people got out of New Orleans.

On a different note: I am really enjoying reading the book, Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz fame). He has such an interesting way of setting things up to make a point. In the book, he is going through the creation account. He is talking about how Moses emphasized that Adam and Eve were naked (mentioned 5 times). And suddenly, after their sin -- they can't wait to clothe themselves. I've always wondered about the relevence of this.

Listen to how he explains this:
And then it hit me how awful it must have been for Adam and Eve to have been deceived by Satan, to have been tricked into breaking their relationship with God.
You and I almost have it easier. We were born this way. But I remember loving a girl back in Colorado and having her explain to me she didn't feel the same and how for a year I lived in the attic of an old house in Portland, feeling an ache and emptiness in my heart I thought would never mend . . . And this feeling, this feeling must have been so much more painful for Adam and Eve, this feeling of having an infinite amount of love pouring thorugh their lives and then it's suddenly gone . . . I wondered at hoow terrible it must have felt, at the fear of no longer feeling God, at the ache of emptiness and the sudden and horrifying awareness of self. God have mercy.

Wow! Can you imagine knowing perfect intimacy with God for a long, long time -- and knowing nothing else? And then suddenly, that intimacy is gone and you are made aware of self! What a horrifying discovery that must have been.


Beverly Ross said...

I am loving the things you are sharing from this book! Miller is great! I'm going to have to chew on this one a bit.

Payton Bartee said...

Great thoughts there from Donald Miller. I really need to read "Searching...," it's definately up there on my reading priority list. Thanks for the thoughts, Rick, hope all is well in hot and humid Decatur.


Carmen said...

I may be missing the boat on this one, but shouldn't we feel the way Adam and Eve did when they sinned for the first time, everytime we sin? We should have that same sick awareness of self that they had or that possibly we may have when we do something we decide to label as worse than something else we have done wrong. I fear we may sometimes take God's forgivness for granted if we don't feel completely aware of our sin sick self each and everytime we sin. I think that has got to be the best part about heaven.....knowing perfect intamacy with God.